Why Mobile Showers and Toilets are So Very Popular


Mobile facilities consist of a shower stall that can be fitted for use almost everywhere to provide lovely showers in places where bathrooms are not usually found. A mobile shower is often seen being used in building site cabins or outside during home renovation work, and is usually in the form of a mobile trailer unit with bathroom facilities often also used for big events.

Occasionally it is utilised by those that are ill, unable to move around, and can’t use a regular shower because of its limited mobility. They are sometimes too sick to get to and from the bedroom to the bathroom, and this is where mobile facilities are also put to great use as they also do on construction sites, where toilets and shower blocks are moved in for workers on a whole range of projects.

Outside or Inside

  • People camping in the wild, can easily put up mobile showers, and happily bathe away to their heart’s delight.
  • And a mobile shower unit next to the swimming pool at home offers pool users with an ideal solution for washing down prior to and after going into the pool. No one wishes for the introduction of any contaminants in the pool or leaving one covered in chlorine after a dip.
  • Rescue workers and firemen out fighting any forest fires can also benefit from the use of mobile showers and toilets to help them with toiletry and a nice clean up after a long day of hard work they have to stay on a job.
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  • The shower units and toilets are perfect for any place where work is taking place in their home or who may be at a long weekend festival.

More Uses

  • Mobile shower units designed for home medical use normally have walls from the floor up to halfway.
  • They are curtains hanging off of a support frame to afford a patient privacy should a unit only have half-walls.
  • The seat is typically a part of the unit, and the floor is fitted with a drainage pipe to make sure that shower water flows to the outside.
  • Water comes from hoses fixed to a tap in the closest room, and some units have their very own water heater!

Deluxe Camping

  • With regards to mobile camping showers, they are usually soft-sided and a folded down tent like design with opaque walls.
  • The water supply isn’t as high tech as the medical shower type, and simply falls from a bag hung above users, but it works and lets campers get nice and clean with privacy.

Who doesn’t out there enjoy a lovely shower after a long old day? And the easiness of having one anywhere, anytime is becoming more and more popular

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