Top PPC Trends That You Must Not Overlook in 2020

PPC Trends

The paid advertising industry is evolving constantly, and this will continue to do so with advanced features added to allow small, medium-sized to big enterprises to better market their products/services. Therefore, companies and marketers need to stay updated with the latest trends to ensure they accomplish the maximum revenue from an ad campaign. Here, in this post, we’ve rounded up the four essential paid advertising trends for 2020: –

Voice Search

Voice search is becoming more & more popular nowadays, not only via the popular smartphone Apps. but also the latest devices such as Alexa, Google Home, where people can get the answer to their queries with a quick search by voice. A recent report anticipated by the year 2020, about 50% of the internet searches will be voice-based. But, you wonder does it matter to the paid advertising world? Without optimising the advertising campaigns to the voice search, you probably are losing out on leads and sales. It is best to hire a trustworthy company offering tailored PPC services Essex to help you optimise the landing page to make it rank high for relevant voice queries.

Video Ads

In recent years, the audio-video visuals content has become an integral aspect of any digital marketing strategy in 2020, and years to come. The brand video has an uncanny ability to draw the attention of the audience, win over the trust, and open the floodgate of sales. However, you are required to invest time and effort in creating a professional standard video that builds your brand personality. Even though YouTube is the most popular advertising network when it comes to video ad campaigns, video ads can be run over several other social channels such as Linkedin, Facebook or Instagram.

Augmented Reality

In the last couple of years, augmented reality has become quite popular in the worldwide gaming industry, but its next step is gaining grounds in the marketing industry. There are several ad networks such as Facebook that are testing the new AR Ads and have announced they’ll further enter open beta for big brands. It is believed that in 2020, augmented reality will be a massive success in the marketing industry.

Advanced Target Audience

Although keyword targeting is an integral component of PPC, the advanced target audience is about collecting the essential data of the users that support advertisers to efficiently target the audience. This will help the ad campaign to be relevant and as much as personalised to drive measurable results.

Hiring a credible PPC services Essex is important that comes to driving the best results from your advertising campaign. They’ll put in the efforts to create a tailored campaign in line with your marketing goals and objectives.