Commercial Cleaning Solutions for a Range of Businesses


Modern businesses require a clean working environment, irrespective of the industry, and with online cleaning contractors, a wide range of cleaning services are but a few clicks away. If you run a busy office, you’ll need a reliable contractor who can work outside regular office hours to ensure your working environment is clean and appealing. If you are in the food and beverage business, hygiene is critical, and both retail and kitchen space requires daily attention, and unless you happen to be overstaffed, outsourcing is the best approach.

Contract Cleaning

This is precisely what the name implies, and the cleaning contractor would make an agreement with the customer to perform certain tasks to a pre-agreed schedule, and the contract would typically be annual. If your business is located in or around East Anglia, Shirley Shelley is the company to contact, as they are an established business and have all the necessary resources to handle any type of contractual cleaning, regardless of the type of business.

Industrial Cleaning

This is a much tougher level of cleaning, and often, specialised equipment is used, and with high pressure water guns and a range of other tools, any job can be dealt with by an established industrial cleaning contractor. Factory cleaning is one such area of industrial cleaning, and the experienced contractor would be able to carry out the clean without disrupting production in any way, and the frequency can be agreed upon, giving you an ongoing service.

Pressure Washing

Concrete and steel liners can be kept clean with regular pressure washing, which will instantly restore its original look, and with expert technicians, they can get into all the nooks and crannies, leaving the area looking like new. This is an ideal solution for builder’s yards and commercial car parks, where oil stains can easily be removed, and with the right equipment, you would be surprised at how fast the entire area can be cleaned using this method. There are, for example, nozzles that spread out the flow, allowing a wide area to be cleaned with a single pass.

Online Solutions

As with anything these days, the Internet makes things so much easier, and sourcing the right cleaning contractor certainly falls into this category. A Google search would likely bring up a few websites, and with some browsing, you should be able to source the right company to handle all your cleaning needs. If you are based in the UK, and are looking for online cleaning contractors, make sure the company you choose is both CIS and CSCS registered, and you can be sure of a very high standard of work.

Any business requires both reliability and attention to detail from a cleaning contractor, and with an established contractor, they have all the necessary resources to handle even the toughest of jobs. If you require commercial cleaning services, an online search is the ideal place to start, and if you choose a local contractor, prices should be reasonable.