Why Build a Heated Indoor Swimming Pool at Your School


Indoor pools are great for students to learn how to swim in a safe, protected environment. There is no need to worry about adverse weather conditions as long as you keep your pool at a comfortable temperature throughout the year, students will be able to enjoy this facility at all times during the school term. In addition to other sports, kids get the opportunity to learn about water safety and competitive swimming.

An indoor pool is perfect for educational purposes – When it comes to water, safety is the main priority, so having a pool which is set indoors allows coaches and instructors to carefully monitor their classes and its participants. Even lifeguards tend to get distracted by outdoor features, so it is best to construct a pool indoors, it’s easier to focus on the pool and keep your eye firmly trained on the kids. Children love to swim, and most are naturally drawn towards water, so it is vital that they understand the dangers of water, and what they can do to keep themselves out of harm. There is no better setting than an indoor pool at your school where during PE class or after school programs students can learn about water safety and swimming techniques.

Indoor pools are great for exercise – The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), one of the leading sports authorities on exercise science recommends that children and teenagers get at least 1 hour of exercise per day. Having a facility such as a heated swimming pool is the perfect way to get kids interested in exercise, you can design many fun activities in the pool which students will thoroughly enjoy. It’s important to consider the right type of heating system when constructing your pool indoors, choosing to include an electrically heated pumping system has several benefits. Your pool won’t be left idle during summer months and students can avail of swimming classes all year round.

It makes much more sense to install a heated indoor pool – It is obvious that there many benefits to installing a pool at your school, but deciding to save on costs and opt for an unheated pool is a very bad idea. The primary function of your pool is to increase exercise participation and provide a facility which kids can enjoy all year round, both take a big set backwards if you don’t install a heating system. Heat pump pool heater costs are incredibly affordable, they keep your pool at just the right temperature all year round and they aren’t as expensive as you might think. They are far more reliable than solar powered heating systems and don’t experience anywhere near as many faults as any other units on the market.

Indoor pools are great for increasing sports participation levels at your school, but it is also important to get a maximum return on your investment and opt for a pool which is heated all year round. Neglecting to install a heating system means your pool is inaccessible for large portions of the term and students won’t be able to swim during cooler times of the year.