The 5 Steps to Producing a Great Video


We all now have access to smartphones, allowing us to record relatively high quality video at the touch of a button. We also have access to great media platforms which allow us to host these videos for all to see.

There are a few steps that you should take during the composition and filming process to make your video as good as possible. Here we’ll tell you exactly what you need to now.

  1. Find Your Inspiration

We’ve all seen that one piece of cinema that will stay with us forever. That one shot that took your breath away as it exposed you to an entirely new way of thinking.

To make your videos something that people actually want to see, the inspiration and thought behind them needs to be significant. Think about what you’re trying to convey and the emotions you’re trying to produce with your video. This will form the foundation for what comes next.

  1. Create a Checklist

Before you start filming, figure out exactly what it is you need to gather first. This could be all of the necessary accessories required for your camera, such as lenses and additional lighting, to all of those props and people who are going to make your video special.

Creating a checklist will make sure you don’t miss anything important, as by the time you’re on location, it will likely be too late to make any significant amendments so you’ll have to do without.

  1. Draft a Script

Ad hoc video with no prior planning that is spontaneous and off the cuff can work. Great if you’re just filming your children or your pets. Your grand art project on the other hand needs a good story before shooting can begin.

Grab a pen and paper and begin creating individual scenes. This will help to split your video into manageable sections that can be shot individually. You’ll be able to concentrate on each individual scene far more successfully than trying to shoot one whole take in one go.

  1. Find Your Location

Where you shoot is often as important as what you shoot. The right environment or background can make all the difference if you’re aspiring to an Oscar award for best director.

Scout out a couple of locations to see whether they’re suitable before the camera starts rolling.

  1. Lights, Camera, Action

You’re now ready to go. Bring all of that preparation together to make your video as good as it deserves to be. Remember all that you’ve learnt in relation to aperture, shutter speed and ISO numbers to really capture the magic of the moment.

If you feel as if you would rather be in front of the camera than behind it, you’re in luck. There are several companies offering professional video production in Brisbane who will be able to produce exactly what you need with a little instruction. Costs can be competitive depending on your exact requirements so go in with a script and timeline in mind for the best results.

Once filming is complete, some artistic video editing courtesy of your video company will turn your motion picture into a masterpiece.