The Pop Culture Of PPI: The Best Adverts We’ve Seen For PPI

The Pop Culture Of PPI: The Best Adverts We've Seen For PPI 1

The world of pop culture has always played it’s part in shaping the future, but with audiences typically having a shorter attention span, it is crucial to PPI claim companies to capture that attention with new and innovative ideas. Whether this is through the use of shock tactics like advertisements that have gone before, or by presenting a new-found way of engaging with the audience, this has quickly become the most important aspect of making sure people claim in time for the August 2019 deadline. Here we are going to look at some of the adverts we have seen for PPI and how they are used to portray a clear message.

PPI Advertising

Since the PPI scandal begun, there has been an onslaught of adverts promising experienced help on a no win no fee basis, but with the traditional scare-tactic adverts providing poor results, it was time to think outside of the box. Not only did advertisers have to get the information across but it should grasp the audience and help to boost the number of conversions and leads that are generated. Some stuck to their guns and chose a more traditional way of advertising, whilst others opted for adverts across social media and other channels to capture new audiences.

FCA PPI Campaign

With multiple ways to tackle a PPI advert, there are very few that have captured the audience’s attention like the FCA PPI campaign. This truly unique advert featured ‘RoboArnie’ telling the audience to make a decision. This recognisable character is another way of getting the point across in an interesting way that is engaging to the audience as well as memorable. Although this is only 60-second advert it is simple and to the point, giving the audience all the information that they need to make an informed decision and reminding them of the approaching PPI deadline.

Traditional PPI Campaigns

Although there have been a number of PPI campaigns out there, there are a number of ‘older’ campaigns that feature arguably boring concepts that are not as engaging for younger, or busier audiences. This is often used for PPI adverts, as this a simple way to offer the information needed and in some cases, scaring them into acting quickly. When you compare this to the FCA PPI campaign, this advertisement was a much more informal way of getting the information across.

What Were The Results For The New Campaign?

Although this campaign was completely out of the box, this had a major reaction within the community, with a number of articles being written around ‘RoboArnie’ and the message he was putting across. This, along with the shock factor of the campaign, allowed audiences to not only be reminded of the approaching deadline but be captivated by the character. This is key to a number of people making PPI claims as they were reminded of the deadline in a way that captured their attention in an interesting way, rather than threats or fear.

As the deadline approaches there are a number of ways that you can apply for PPI compensation that will help you to have the best possible results with your claim, regardless of whether you opt for a PPI claims company or set about making the claim yourself. Good luck.

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