Top 3 Client Relationship Management Systems


Since customers are the ones who help businesses stay up and running, there’s lot being done in the field of improving relationships with them. Businesses have adopted a variety of strategies, and they are using different methods to work on them.

But there is only one holistic solution on the market that can streamline client relationship efforts being made in real time. It is, of course, CRM software. Since there are many CRM tools on the market coming from different software companies, picking the right one can easily become a difficult task.

This is why we have reviewed the most popular CRM solutions. Here are the top three that you should definitely try.

Option 1: Bpm’online

Top 3 Client Relationship Management Systems

Bpm’online is one of the best CRM tools found on the business software market. The software packs an incredible amount of useful features all sorted throughout the intuitive user interface.

The software coming from bpm’online has cutting-edge features that streamline business process management, making it easy for managers to oversee very complex projects with multiple teams on board.

One of the features that sets this tool apart from the others in the same category is Dynamic Case Management. Since building a relationship with each customer is an unstructured and highly complex process, bpm’online has developed a tool that dynamically selects the best path and a set of activities so that you can achieve the best outcome with each separate client.

Another functionality that sets this software on top of the list of CRM tools is customization. This way you can quickly align this software with your business logic in order to succeed in your efforts.

What is amazing about this software is how easy it is to use despite the fact that it packs serious and advanced features. Besides, it is a reliable tool that can be both accessed via web browser and via mobile app on Windows Phones, iPhones and Android devices.

Option 2: Base CRM

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Base CRM does exactly what it’s name says and then some more. If you don’t have a large customer or client base, this tool is an excellent starting option. It will help you to streamline your basic efforts towards building better relationships with your clients. Additional features will enable you to easily communicate with other team members, manage leads and track deals.

The user interface complements its functionality and makes this tool easy to use, even for the users with no previous experience in online software environments. It is very intuitive and allows users to access specific functions via keyboard shortcuts.

The Base CRM has come a long way from being a simple tool that couldn’t be integrated with other platforms, and is now considered an entry level professional tool. In fact, recent changes have resulted in developers creating API for Base CRM, making it easily integratable with other platforms. This, of course, had a pricing increase across all of the subscription tiers of this software.

The only downside of using this software is its rigidity. It can be neither reconfigured nor customized to meet the new demands. Advanced metrics and analytics are only available in higher subscription tiers, which cost significantly more than the lower ones.

Option 3: Zoho CRM

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If you are looking for a robust online platform, Zoho CRM is definitely worth trying. It incorporates more than 30 different software products under one roof. Organizations can use it to gather data from various channels, such as a customer’s previous interactions with the company and tracking of new leads generation.

Zoho CRM can be used to view details of previous deals with clients, product needs and interests. What makes this software interesting is definitely the sales-driven gamification and robust email marketing built-in platform.

With automated workflow procedures available in the Professional edition and a functional free edition with limited features, Zoho CRM is definitely attracting many SMBs, as well as big corporations. On the other hand, it requires a lot of customization, which makes it a difficult platform to use for people inexperienced in IT.

These are the top three client relationship management systems on the business software market. We encourage you to try all of them, so that you can test their functionality and be able to pick one that meets your business goals and demands.