Boiling Water Taps for an Office Environment


Boiling water taps have now made their way into our homes but what some might not know is that they have been used in commercial environments for years. The benefits are numerous; they’re stylish to look at, don’t require the placement of a kettle, have no visible power supply and best of all, save time.

The options available for any office, small or large, are extensive. In this article, we’re going to tell you all you need to know about the sort of boiling water tap you should be installing in your office’s kitchen.

How Many Staff Do You Have?

The potential demand for boiling water is going to directly influence the size and capacity of the boiling water system you need. Beneath each tap is a heater and tank system which both heats and stores hot water. To make boiling water taps economical to run, only a finite amount of water can be stored for any length of time before the heater needs to recharge itself.

A larger office with more staff in it will require a system that can keep up with the increased demand. For this reason, it’s a good idea to purchase a tap that was designed for commercial environments rather than home use.

Is There a Brand I Should be Looking For?

We find that the two market leaders, Zip and Billi, make the best choice for an office environment. Both manufacturers have been around for years and their products are tried and tested. Choosing a boiling water tap should be based on your individual requirements so simply browse through their range and select the one most suitable. The more advanced and the larger the capacity of the tank, the more you’ll pay.

Will I Save Money?

There may indeed be a cost saving attached to your energy consumption but this is difficult to quantify. Instead, you should be looking at just how much more productive your staff will become.

When employees make hot drinks within an office environment, they usually make what’s called a round which may include up to 10 individual drinks. The average kettle has a capacity of only 1.5 litres of water, so of course this would require multiple boils. When you take into account how long a kettle takes to boil, you can see that this endeavour takes far longer than it should.

If you produced a calculation to show just how much productive time is wasted making cups of hot drinks, you would be surprised. An office housing 15 members of staff could save around £8000 per year in lost productivity by just installing a boiling water tap.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

One benefit that isn’t easily quantified is levels of staff satisfaction and employee wellbeing. Making porridge in the morning and soup for lunch will suddenly become a lot more convenient which can only translate into happier staff.

Boiling water taps aren’t cheap to purchase or install but once you take all of the associated benefits into account, they essentially pay for themselves.