How Does One Reapply for Their Business ID?


If you’re wondering about reapplying for your business tax ID number, thankfully you don’t need to since it never expires. Once you receive your employer identification number (EIN), you have it for good. You won’t need to get a new EIN for your existing business unless you are changing structures, such as a from a partnership to a Limited Liability Company. However, sometimes you may lose your EIN. Read below for guidance on locating a misplaced EIN and applying for a new one.

Finding a Lost EIN

If you have already applied for and gotten an EIN for your company but have forgotten or misplaced it, you can locate the number through the following actions:

  • Check the confirmation email you received from
  • Verify your EIN status with IRS EIN Tax ID Filing Service
  • Locate an old tax return
  • Find the notice issued to you by the IRS
  • Contact the bank you used to open a business account
  • Contact the local or state agency from which you received a business license
  • Call the IRS and request a search

You should be able to retrieve your lost EIN with any of these steps.

When You Need a New EIN

As your business succeeds, you may choose to change the ownership or legal structure. For example, if you are a sole proprietor, you may eventually want to become a corporation. If so, you’ll need to get a new EIN number in NC. You will also need to get a new EIN if your business faces bankruptcy or it’s inherited. If you are designated the executor of an estate, you’ll need to obtain an estate tax ID instead of using the decedent’s Social Security number.

Apply for an EIN Online

If you need to apply for a new EIN, you can accomplish it online through IRS EIN Tax ID Filing Service. You can also verify the status of your EIN application at any time. If you need further assistance finding or applying for an EIN, get in touch with the team at IRS EIN Tax ID Filing Service.