What is Aurion all about and its Purpose?

Aurion all about and its Purpose

Every person has a dream they wanted to achieve. It begins with studying well and finished education. It is an investment in the future. People are doing their best to look for a stable job and to be able to survive in everyday life. Some people get their ultimate dream job. Yet there are some, who accept random work as long as it has a good offer and fair compensation. 

Are you curious if who are these people that help the company in salary? Well, the team behind this is the Payroll. Payroll refers to the process by which employees get their salaries. The payroll department record-keeping and takes care of wage deductions. They also verify the reliability of pay data.

What is the main goal of a payroll process?

  • To prepare a detailed and exact record of all the employees in an organization
  • Generate payslips through the computation and calculation of salary
  • Ensure the proper use of manpower

History of Aurion

Aurion is a beginner in integrated HR and payroll software. And outsourced payroll services. It was founded way back in 1985 in Brisbane. Ever since it was founded it delivers a series of firsts in the market. They connected their first enterprise customer in 1988. And they are still in the industry today, which proves the value of lasting relationships. 

In 1999, Aurion was also the first Australian company to introduce payroll self-service. Making and helping life easier for thousands. Aurion was the first Australian HRIS platform to provide services onto the web. They also established in 1999 the payroll services bureau in Canberra. Particularly to service the Federal Government and Australian Public Service employees. They released their first Cloud Saas deployment of Aurion Version 10 in 2008. And they released Aurion Version 11 in 2015. 

Purpose of Aurion

At Aurion, they make complex things simple. They love to provide innovation each day. They strive and work hard to get the life/work balance right. Aurion is a perfect place to work. Every day they solve new trials and challenges. If you are a part of the Aurion team you can also expect to receive strong support. Which includes real career progression opportunities. And also enjoys a joint culture where amazing work is done by awesome people. Currently, they have many consulting, technical, and customer management job opportunities. They are very passionate when it comes to technology. They also understand and know that people are the heart and soul of every business. Their software is elegant and simple to use. Yet, powerful to meet the complex business process. 

There are over 300,000 working Australians are being paid on the Aurion platform. They hold every possible combination of pay awards.  That is why they are the real experts in our field.