Take 5 Assessments Require the Right Printing Company to Do the Job Right


Maintaining a safe working environment for your employees is not only smart morally but smart legally as well. Certain industries naturally have dangerous jobs and in these cases, many employers choose to print up booklets that they strategically place around the employees so that they can remember to stop and think before starting a particular task. These “take 5” materials have saved employers both time and money, reducing workplace injuries and keeping employees much safer year after year. Professional printing companies are usually familiar with these documents; therefore, they can accurately and quickly print them so that they can reach your employees sooner rather than later. If you are in the oil and gas, transportation, construction, and many other industries, you have likely used this information to help your employees stay safe on the job but if you haven’t, it is good to know that you can find them easily once you locate the right printer.

Getting the Documents You Need Is Simple

Just what are the “take 5” documents and why are they so important? The documents essentially remind employees to take time and consider the task they are about to begin and they can come in several forms including booklets, wallet-sized items, and safety checklists. The documents remind employees in potentially dangerous professions to:

  • Stop, look, and listen before starting their work
  • Review the upcoming task
  • Identify the risks that are possible
  • Manage those risks
  • Get a head start on the safety techniques they’ve learned to stay safe

Every employer is going to have a preference when it comes to the type of document that they purchase for their employees but the right printing company can handle all of them. If you are looking for the perfect Take 5 risk assessment booklet or other document but aren’t sure which one is appropriate for your needs, a good printing company can make recommendations after ascertaining the needs of your business, ensuring that you get the right documents in the end.

Don’t Wait Long to Purchase These Documents

Whether your industry is engineering, shipping, or even the resale or supply of safety products, you have likely seen the “take 5” documents and you know how important they are. The printers that produce these documents can advise you one which ones will work best for you and they can also give you a free no-obligation quote after they show you samples of their work. When you own a business, the safety of your workforce is extremely important and having an ample supply of these documents on hand at all times is much easier once you find the right printer. These companies can help from start to finish to guarantee that you get what you need every time.