An Overview Of Independent Investor


The stock market is an incredible place where you enjoy making investment with long term securities. For providing any business with long term finances and the necessary liquidity, it is the stock market which comes to play. Over the years, the changes which the stock market has undergone are attracting people to join this trading platform. While some are well aware of the facts and strategies associated with it, the newbies are the ones requiring help to keep themselves on track evolving as successful investors. To help them with all information related to this field, Independent investor comes to play.

What it deals with?

It is an educational and news portal which offers you information regarding all events taking place in the present world trading and investment market. The professional team working here tries best to convey related information through writings which you find simple and easy to understand.  However the writings offered in the website are for the purpose of information only and you are welcome to compare the same with other sites before relying on them. CFDs, Forex and financial spread betting are essentially leverage products, with which you enjoy incurring profit, but there are possibilities of facing losses as well and the same may amount more than your initial investment. This website aims to help you with information that can prevent you from incurring such losses.

How helpful is the site for you?

Besides offering you with a comparison of brokers, Independent investor also provides you brief about the trading forms to make you aware of the facts associated with them further helping to select the one apt for you. They are as follows:


Being cost effective, highly leveraged and tax efficient, they are a great tool for trading. You enjoy trade access over different asset classes and markets. However as you move ahead with this trading form, it is important to first acquire optimum idea about the field. The concepts might seem difficult but are simple to understand if you keep yourself aware of the market moves.


This trading market is the most liquid and largest one in the world and is rated as a favorable home business anyone can take up. However it will be a mere foolishness if you invest with this market without gaining optimum information about the same. Upon understanding the norms, not only you get to enjoy the plethora of benefits offered by Forex but also incur higher profits. In this website, you get information about everything from selecting a FX broker to gaining an experience of running an account with demo accounting. Though these don’t promise you to eliminate the market risk, but helps you to avoid to same tactfully.

Spread Betting

Financial Spread betting is a tax free trading platform providing the opportunity to trade on different commodities, equities, bonds and others from one account. This is of great value to make huge profit but that can happen only when you are aware of the prevailing trends and make movement accordingly and this is what the portal helps you with.


Apart from information of the above mentioned marketing platforms, you also get news about all major events and announcements related to share trading and the list of brokers ready to help you.