Why Do So Many Foreign Companies Want to Operate in Dubai?

Why Do So Many Foreign Companies Want to Operate in Dubai? 1

If you’re looking to expand your business by breaking into new international markets, you might be considering opening a foreign branch or subsidiary in the UAE, and most companies set their sights on Dubai. There are many benefits to setting up shop in Dubai, from the country’s liberal labour laws to its strong and growing economy, but you should be aware that operating in Dubai isn’t straightforward, especially during the early stages.

First, you need to find a sponsor that can provide tangible business benefits rather than just help you comply with the law, which means you need to look for a company that can handle your HR tasks, give you access to a network of resources and manpower, and act as your company’s representative to the government. If you plan to operate in an economic free zone, you probably won’t need an Emirati to claim ownership of the majority of your business, but you’ll still likely require a sponsor to comply with the nation’s rules and regulations.

However, the right sponsor can help make the transition to a new country much more straightforward than if you were to try doing it alone, and there are plenty of compelling reasons to expand your company by operating in Dubai. It’s a good idea to learn more about how a sponsor can provide a pro service in Dubai, but keep reading below to find out why you should seriously consider setting up shop in this growing region.

Four Reasons to Do Business in Dubai

From boasting a diverse and growing economy to being a hotspot for the best talent from all over the world, here’s why you should think about doing business in Dubai:

  • A Growing Economy

The UAE felt the effects of the global recession, but not nearly to the same extent as most Western nations. The UAE’s economy is now growing just as rapidly as it was before the crisis of 2008, with the exports, manufacturing and transport industries significantly contributing to the nation’s growth. Plus, thanks to stable inflation rates and a drop in housing, water and electricity prices, the UAE’s quality of life is on the rise.

  • Good Infrastructure

Dubai is home to two of the world’s busiest ports, Port Rashid and Jebel Ali Port, and it also boasts world-class airlines that fly to over 160 nations.

  • Access to Labour

Dubai has liberal laws regarding labour, allowing employers to hire people from all over the world with relative ease. You won’t struggle to attract the brightest minds to your company if you set up shop in Dubai.

  • Economic Free Zones

Dubai now boasts over 20 trade free zones, which means you can maintain 100% ownership of your business.

How to Make Operating in Dubai Straightforward

Dubai is without a doubt one of the most attractive destinations for foreign businesses, and provided you find the right sponsor, you could be up and running in no time. You won’t regret opening the doors to your global business in Dubai due to the reasons listed above.

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