What Do You Understand by Trunited?


Dr. Nicolas Porter is the founder of Trunited and the concept of socialized commerce.  Socialized commerce in simple words is a cross between socializing and commerce which is meant for everyone’s benefit. Its principle is like the use of social media. Through social media, you create connections with other members of the site; they also make more connections. This happens until a huge network is established and content can be spread out to the large network. With social commerce, it’s the same principle; you simply have to replace content with commerce. The benefit you enjoy when you share in the money that is collected from everyone.

Socialized commerce serves as an extension of social commerce which has been around for years. Social commerce is the act of using online platforms to influence other people to buy products. It is now a multibillion-dollar industry. The major difference between socialized and social commerce is where the money goes. In social commerce, the money goes to the social media sites. Socialized commerce on the other hand offers a platform which is Trunited to reward those people who contributed for the commerce to take place. It rewards those who buy stuff on the platform and those who influence other people to buy therefore create commerce on the site. Here is a Trunited Review to give you more guidance:

Trunited and Its Product Line

When it comes to the product line of Trunited, you can find several items to choose from. You can find the whole product catalog on its official website. You can also find several items on the site such as travel packages, tickets to plays and concerts, beauty items, and gift cards. When you buy things on the site and recruit others to do the same, you earn points. You can use these points to by other things for free. This is the foundation of Trunited’s compensation plan.

What to Know about the Compensation Plan

Members can also earn points through viewing ads and completing some small tasks on the site. Each point is worth $0.30. It is also the same price that is tied with the stuff you plan to buy, which makes it not a bad deal at all.

For you to continue earning from Trunited, you have to recruit one sponsor and make sure that the sponsor purchases from the site every month. You also have to maintain at least $90 in your Trunited account. This amount should come from your recruits. When you recruit 10 individuals, you can receive $60 for commission from each recruit; and this makes it at least 20 points each.

You will have to do a bit of work when it comes to recruitment if you intend to maximize your income from the site. The positive side is that joining it is free and you can start earning fast. Trunited is not a scam. It is a legitimate business which helps you earn more money. It may not be a good replacement for a full-time day job, but it can give you decent money on the side.