The Advantages Of Reusable Laboratory Glassware Over One Time Use Plastic Equipment

The Advantages Of Reusable Laboratory Glassware Over One Time Use Plastic Equipment 1

A laboratory is comprised of a lot of different equipment, but none of it is more important to the day-to-day operations than having proper glassware accounted for. Whether you are running a research operation or working alongside a hospital for treatment, you need to make sure you always have the right tools for the job. Among the options out there, perhaps the best place to get that equipment for is Wheaton Glass. Of course, more important than just buying from the right manufacturer, you should realize how essential good glassware is to your operation.

The Plastic Revolution

When plastic was revealed to the world, people almost immediately started to look at ways they could use it in the consumer marketplace. Many times, it won out and replaced glass at this level. Thanks to its lightweight design and durability, there have been countless industries that have benefited from the influx and growth of plastic. Of course, the laboratory only got itself limited gains, as glass maintains its position as the go-to option.

Weakness of Plastic in a Lab

While plastic is certainly a great innovation, it has plenty of limitations in the laboratory setting. The most notable one perhaps is the fact that many types of plastic are quite limited in what materials they can handle. Often times, a plastic container will only be able to hold certain chemicals and unless your lab follows along these limits at all times, it can be detrimental to your research efforts. More than this, cleaning plastic can be a difficult endeavor, especially if the materials require autoclaving to properly sanitize. Alternatively, glassware, especially the kind you get from Wheaton Glass, can be cleaned over and over again and still provide the best measurements and storage.

Save Your Lab Valuable Money

For many, using glass is primarily about saving the lab’s budget. After all, you have a finite amount of money to spend and many of the materials and equipment you use cost a good amount to maintain. Having quality glassware means that you don’t have to regularly replace any of your basic containers. This way, you can continue to expand your research and look for new ways to invest that money. Perhaps you can even use what you save to grab some more expensive diagnostic equipment.

Quality over Quantity with Wheaton Glass

Ultimately, one of the best ways you can make sure you conserve your resources while still getting glassware you can trust is to make your purchases through Wheaton Glass. For over a century, this innovative company has been a pioneer in medical and scientific research. Their glassware is some of the most durable available and is built by scientists for scientists. Since they understand what it means to be involved in this type of research, they really go above and beyond when it comes to quality.

So, if you want to make sure your laboratory is properly equipped, make sure you start by getting the best glassware available. With the options out there, Wheaton Glass is the sensible choice and sure to deliver each and every time.


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