Our Review Of The Israeli Cannabis-Based Nanotech Droplets, Which Are Now Being Sold Here In The US

Our Review Of The Israeli Cannabis-Based Nanotech Droplets, Which Are Now Being Sold Here In The US 1

There has been a lot of interest generated after Israel based nanotechnology start up Lyotropic Delivery Systems (LDS) started to sell their products here in the US. There has been a marked increase in the number of cannabis jobs being listed in the nanotechnology space, so this is a growing area, and worthy of a more in-depth look.

LDS have commented that they believe their cannabis-derived compound, which attempts to eliminate pain and inflammation that a person experiences, will be a hit in the American market.

We found that the technology that LDS uses is able to increase the CBD absorption into the blood, which leads to more effective outcomes. It’s like giving existing cannabis-based treatments that increased effectiveness.

It is important to note that CBD is a non-psychoactive antioxidant, so it doesn’t contribute to the patient getting “high”. In fact, it has been found to offer pain relief, without any side effects that other pre-existing analgesics produce. The nano droplets of the treatment ensure that only the CBD is more readily absorbed instead of the THC. The manufacturers have been careful to ensure that once absorbed, the CBD is not readily converted into THC, which happens with similar products on sale.

The product has quite a long shelf life, as they claim that the nano-formulations can remain stable without the risk of decomposition over a period of time.

When a user takes a product like this orally, they will often not get the full benefit from CBD, because it passes through the GI tract and converts to THC or is destroyed in the stomach by the various acids that exist. This means that only a small of CBD is able to be absorbed. But, with LDS nanotechnology, the CBD is not degraded and is readily absorbed, to produce the pain-relieving benefits.

This is certainly an exciting product, and when I used it for a period of 4 weeks, I noticed my back pain was a lot less compared to other products and treatments I have used. So, it is certainly worth giving a try. The technology is not only available to be taken orally, but it is also possible to use the technology as part of dermal and transdermal products. It will be exciting to see how this line of the cannabis industry develops, so you may wish to consider a job in the nanotechnology space. A good way to look for opportunities is by using http://jobs.cannabis.net/cm/candidate/search_jobs.

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