It’s Better to be Safe than Sorry When Hiring a Security Guard

Security Guard

There are plenty of options out there when looking for a company to provide security guards, however, which one is best for your business? To navigate the minefield it is best to stop and consider some important questions when it comes to the security of your business. Here are three of the most important questions you could ask, before you make the decision as to which company is most suitable.

Is the Security Company Reputable?

When hiring a company to take care of your security needs, reputation is the key. The company will be providing security guards to come onto your property and maintain safety within the perimeters, so you’ll want to know that the company you are hiring can do a good job. Whatever your specific security situation is, they should be able to
take charge of it. Even if it means bringing in the guns, offering consultation about guns, or help to purchase AR-15 magazines for your own guns, they really ought to be your one-shop stop on security matters pertaining to you.You should shop around for the best security firm in your city, and then check their background. If you search for a manned security company in Leeds, you’ll see that there are many options in the city alone. Don’t be afraid to shop around, asking each company if they can provide some client references. Any decent security company should be able to inform you of their presence around the local area businesses.

Does the Company Provide a Professional Image?

Many security companies provide their guards with a uniform to wear, and so if the company’s security officers don’t wear uniforms then you should consider whether the company is professional enough to protect your business. Often the image of a guard working for a security company reflects their training too. You can also check if the officers receive appropriate training before being posted to guard your property. Often the professional image is a tell-tale sign of how well-trained the security guards are to cope with situations.

Does the Company Monitor its Guards?

Since many building security operations are around the clock, this means that the security company offices will be closed for a major duration of when the guards are working. Any decent security firm will perform out-of-hours checks during the evenings and weekends to make sure the guards are continuing to perform properly. In addition, a security firm should provide you with an emergency, 24-hour number that you can contact if you have any queries about the safety of your premises. Not only should you be able to speak to the guards on site, but you should also have a direct line to the agency offices to be able to talk to someone in charge.

Making the Safest Decision

Investing into a security firm to look after your premises is not a decision to be taken lightly. It is better to be safe than sorry, so always look out for these issues first. Make sure the company has a good reputation, and check this by asking for client references to see if they have a good presence in your local area. Make sure the security company you hire presents its guards with a professional image, as this is an indicator to how well-trained the officers are. As part of their on-going commitment to providing excellence, the security company should also be monitoring their guards in situ, at different times of the day and week. If you cover these three main bases, then you are likely to find a suitable security firm to look after your business.