If you’re going to be Moving Soon, Don’t Get Scammed


A lot of good people think that it will never happen to them or that they’re not daft enough to get ripped off by a bunch or rogues posing as removalists. But these things do actually happen and that’s why it is best to know exactly how to avoid them and what to look out for. Let’s take a quick look at some methods how you will know if removalists are the real deal or not.

And for those who don’t believe that such people actually exist, simply type “removal scams”, Australia, into a search engine, and check out the results. You need to be smart enough to know how not to get cheated by such lowlifes, and what the signs are that will set the old alarm bells ringing when dealing with a crooked outfit.

Doing it Right

To put a stop to losing your possessions and money to any dodgy companies, simply following the 5 tips below:

  1. Research and look out for any previous scams.
  • After a short while you can get the info which could save you so much pain later on.
  • Go online to a search engine (there are plenty out there apart from Google!) and type in a company’s name with the word ‘scam’ afterwards.
  • You will then see if there have been any prior dodgy dealings with any company you’re thinking of using.
  1. Also, check out a company’s website.
  1. Obtain a quote and get it written down.
  • A reliable service will provide you with a written estimate which includes both the price and everything included in their service.
  • If on the phone they say anything such as the price is ‘yeah, that’s about right,’ be somewhat cautious.
  • This could be a red flag that they may hike up the price later on without letting you know.
  1. Make everything crystal clear and leave no questions unanswered.
  • This includes questions that relate to the moving process, charges, what the price is being spent on, the vehicle that is going to be utilised, and anything else which concerns you.
  • Don’t forget, that rogues are not very good with specifics.
  • And, should any of your questions give them a hard time to answer, give them a miss and consult with people that do give you clear and precise answers.
  1. Whatever you do, don’t pass any cash over without any documentation.
  • Should any mishaps occur later on, your claims are all backed up with signed documents.
  • In the past, there have been tales of woe regarding dodgy companies getting customers to give their signature to blank paper.
  • Make certain that the company gives you signed documentation that explains all of the services, terms and costs, with all of the company’s details on it.

And the above should ensure that your move goes perfectly.