Five van-based business ideas


Starting a new business is exciting because you can be your own boss and work your own hours. It can be a daunting process to begin with, but when you realise your dream at the end of the long haul, you will appreciate that it was all worth it. Many new start-ups are mobile and use cars or vans for transportation, travelling to clients or even selling snacks or meals from a catering style van.


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So, your van is ready and you’re still not sure what area of expertise you could capitalise on. Here are five ideas.

Delivery driver

One that springs to mind immediately is deliveries, whether it’s a courier style service or delivering takeaways. Depending on the space inside the van, a business delivering furniture or just items that require transportation is ideal.

Catering van

If you’re creative in the kitchen, turning your van into a mobile catering service may be just the thing. It may require a few modifications but it can be quite profitable with a good turnover. And you don’t have to worry about footfall because you do the travelling.

According to The Telegraph, the popularity of food trucks has grown in recent years suggesting that many mobile food vans have become not just trends, but minor celebrities.


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For a van that’s out in all weather you will need a good protective coating for the interior so that the vehicle stays in mint condition Speedliner, a spray-on coating, protects vehicles from general wear and tear and it also shields against the weather. The urethane polymer coating is tough and is an ideal choice for those getting their mobile catering businesses fine-tuned.

Driving instructor

Another idea for a van-based service is becoming a driving instructor. You will be required to obtain the right licence, but it can be rewarding and lucrative as there is a demand for van-based training.

Taxi service

If you have a van with plenty of seats, a taxi service for your area could be an option. If you want to create a larger business, then you will require more drivers.

Mobile valet

You could also take the plunge and start up a mobile valeting service. You will need to invest in equipment initially but it’s a business that can grow and prosper.