Fitting Out Your Office: Careful Planning Enhances Productivity


If you’ve given some thought to changing the look and feel of your office or if you’re in the planning stages for new office space, you might want to work with a leading provider in the field of office design and fitting out. Many business owners and managers have initial thoughts about making changes or about paying a bit more attention to the details of a new office but have not taken the next step.

To get yourself started on the path to office design success, it’s important to ask, “Why does office design matter?” There are several answers to this question, many of them having to do with the productivity of the people working there. Surveys show that a significant percentage of office workers are not fully engaged at their jobs and one of the reasons cited involves poor office environment. This can be addressed by paying particular attention to details.

Lighting, Colour

These are two major elements that enter into conversations about being uncomfortable or unproductive in an office. It’s widely known that discomfort leads to lack of productivity, whether it’s problems with inadequate lighting or a poor choice of furniture. Office workers sometimes say that the décor of their workplace is not something that they would show to friends and family members. This, too, can be changed by specific details of lighting, colour, and seating.

For example, workers will generally be more comfortable with the environment if they are exposed to natural light. This can be accomplished with strategically placed windows and, of course, the use of modern lighting technology. It’s also important to use plants and art in the proper amounts and locations. These seemingly unrelated items can do a lot to boost productivity in the office. If, as a business owner or manager, these ideas seem confusing or unimportant, you might want to work with a company specialising in office fit outs.

Employees working in an office environment believe that the design of their workplace says something about their value to the company. It’s also important for those working people to have personal space, if possible, even if it’s a comfortable amount of open space around the desk. While it’s not always efficient or practical to separate employees, they do value privacy at times during the work day. So a separate area for conversations and client consultations can be extremely important.

Those Details

Whether you’re renovating an existing space or planning a new office, keep some key factors in mind when you work with your fit out specialist. Chances are that he or she will want to discuss such important items as air conditioning, lighting, and electrical layout along with flooring choices and the material used for the ceiling. Overall space needs should be part of the plan, along with the layout of the space where desks, work tables, and other larger items will be placed.

Be sure that you have a strategy and a clear goal when you begin to plan an office renovation or the new-office design process. Do your best to keep your eye on the long-term business strategy and understand how a well-planned office can contribute.